3 Week 3: Increase Whole Grains

Lisa Kippur

Whole Oats in Bowl Royalty Free Stock PhotosWhole grains are very important source of vitamin B, iron, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. Cooking a large pot of brown rice, quinoa, or couscous at the beginning of the week can last you several days. For a quick breakfast, just dress your grains as you would oatmeal (another great grain by the way). You can add frozen veggies to brown rice and quinoa for a quick meal or snack and couscous makes a great side dish (add dried fruits for a sweet taste). Whole grains can be bought in bulk at your natural food store, this is the least expensive way to purchase, when you bring the grains home, store in a glass jar with a tight lid because grains can go rancid. Make sure to rinse off your grains as they do contain an outer layer of natural oil. Quinoa has a natural coating called sapotin which must be rinsed off. This coating is quinoa’s natural protector and can cause a negative reaction especially individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis. Try to add ½ cup of whole grains to your day each day this week. The easiest way to do this is to have oatmeal at breakfast or make some brown rice and add veggies for a quick lunch with some sesame oil and rice vinegar. I also like to sprinkle a few sesame seeds into my brown rice for a nutty taste.


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